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We concentrate on making our community better through the game of basketball. We believe that to make our athletes the best they can be we have to make them into better people. We teach our athletes that leadership, honor, honesty, and citizenship will take them further than any move they can display on a basketball court.


The best players have great character and skills, and that is what we are striving for.




KNC Basketball is a organization that specializes in character development through the game of basketball.

KNC Offers Our Athletes

  • Overall skill development

  • Leadership

  • Understanding the need for academic success

  • Sportsmanship

  • Basketball awareness improvement

  • Team values

  • KNC will offer AAU, USBA, YBOA and USSSA travel basketball teams for both boys and girls in all grade levels


We have experienced coaches that teach how to play the game and implement plans for specific athletes. Our players are taught to be well rounded in all basketball fundamentals to increase their basketball awareness. We develop multi-faceted players who can play multiple positions, by concentrating on skill development all year round.

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